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This baby Globe in luminous spotted finish is in the later maroon box. This bait is also side-hooked with Neverfail hangers. Maroon boxes tend to bleed when they become wet, and this one apparently saw a little water during its 90 years of existence. The paper  advertises Pflueger  lines.

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The Wizard Wiggler is a somewhat common lure that emerged in the late teens. The maroon introductory box was likely made only a year or two and is rather hard to find. The Wizard Wiggler had its name engraved on the nickel tail flasher. The early baits have airbrushed eyes; later versions can be found with glass eyes. The box states "patent applied for," referring to a patent request filed in 1919 and granted in 1920. These boxes are hard to find.

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This wonderful 5-hook underwater Pflueger's Neverfail was found in Ohio and required some trading with a fellow collector to acquire. This early box has the "target" logo, placing it in the early teens, the pre-Bulldog years for this famous company. The paint finish on the lure is an unusually fine green crackleback. The piece dates to the early teens.

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The Meadow Frog was a popular rubber bait that is usually shrunken or cracked and often is missing the legs. A golf fan from Indiana brought this wonderful new-in-box example to Georgia one year. The "canoe" box is typical of Pflueger's later generic boxes that succeeded the individualized maroon boxes. Green canoe boxes are common.

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The Luminous Tandem Spinner was made from the turn of the century on into the 1950s, and was an effective fish catcher. This early example is in its own maroon box, with the lure still on the card. This box dates to the mid or late teens.

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This is the earliest Pflueger's Artificial Bait canoe box, which has a blue border instead of the later green border. Note that the top says "artificial bait" instead of "famous bait" on the later boxes. This piece was a gift from a fishing buddy of my late father's.

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The Magnet Minnow Bait was offered to compete with South Bend's Woodpecker lures. This Pflueger Magnet Minnow bait has Neverfail hardware, dating this piece somewhere in the teens.  Magnet baits had no eyes, and were usually found in a luminous finish.

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