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 This Heddon 700 Muskollonge Minnow is the one of the finest we've ever seen. It is near mint, likely never fished. Color is green crackleback.  This big bait, made in the early and mid-teens for musky fishing, has four internal belly weights. These lures are both rare and valuable. 

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This is a Heddon Ice decoy in green scale.  These were early Heddon products made to use in ice fishing, which consisted of jigging the decoy in efforts to attract fish within range of an iron fish spear. Heddon decoys have glass eyes and Dowagiac stamped hardware.  Note the unusual "inch worm" line tie on the top.

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Another rare underwater bait is the 175 Heavy Casting Minnow is in green crackleback. These baits have the body of the Heddon 150 5-hook lure, but have only three hooks that are larger and sturdier. These are much rarer than the 100 and 150 series minnows.  

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This is Heddon's famous Dummy Double, so named because of the unusual "dummy" double hooks. These lures are usually found in the spotted "strawberry" finish and are quite rare and valuable.  Notice the red spots inside the green ones.  

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These are Heddon 402 Surface Bucktail minnows, which were made before 1912. Note the blue crackleback forehead on the lower lure. They can be found with either deer hair or feathered hackles, but deer hair versions are more common.  They often have hand-painted gills on the chin. 

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This is an unusual  Heddon 300 in green crackleback and cup hook rigging. Most baits of this type have two hooks; this specimen has three.  Note the hand-painted gills and unusually fat, round body.   

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The Heddon 900 Swimming Minnow is another early classic. This bait has hand-painted gills and minor varnish wear. Although originally packaged in a special box made only for the Swimming Minnow, early "Game Fish Minnow" boxes with downleaping bass also carried this early lure.

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  These are the Heddon 00 and 0 underwater minnows, both   finished in early Strawberry Spot. These classic lures feature hexagonal bodies and are a terror to find in perfect condition. Imagine throwing one of these into the water!.  

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  The Heddon 800 Swimming Minnow is the baby version of the 900 pictured above. These are somewhat rarer than the bigger version. This specimen has a "dressed" tail treble made from dyed feathers and hair. 

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 This is the No. 10 Light Casting minnow that disappeared from catalogs in the mid-teens. Note the wonderful carved wooden tail. These must have been very labor intensive to produce in the factory. The single tail hook is a nicely tied fly. 

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  This Spindiver is white with red around eyes and tail, a common early Heddon color. Spindivers have all the features of a classic lure: wooden body, glass eyes, a propeller, carved tail and even have the name engraved on the diving lip. Spindivers are among my favorite lures.  

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